Ravi (VIXX) – 1st MIXTAPE (R.ebirth 2016)

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Release Date: 2018.01.05
Genre: Rap / Hip-hop
Language: Korean
Track List:


02. MOVE

03. Lean on me

04. OX (Feat.Basick)

05. 뇌비우스의 띠 (Brain’s Band)(Feat. ESBEE)

06. Control (Interlude)

07. 끄덕끄덕 (Nod Nod)(Feat. Donutman)

08. 착한 여자 (Good Girl)(Feat. Hanhae, Soulman)

09. 아 몰라 일단 Do The Dance (Don’t Know First Let’s Do The Dance)

10. Where should I go (Feat. MICRODOT)

11. Where should I go (Solo Ver.)

12. Who Are U (Feat. Superbee)

13. 자각몽 (Lucid Dream)(Feat. MICRODOT)

14. 홍길동 (Hong Gil Dong)


*To listen to the audio please look at the bottom screen and click play button, and to listen to the next track click next button. enjoy ~
**If you want to post it to your website, please credit to KMusicDL

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