Wanna One – 1÷x=1 UNDIVIDED

Release Date: 2018.06.04
Genre: Dance, Ballad
Language: Korean
Track List:

01. 켜줘 (Light)

02. 캥거루 (Kangaroo) (Prod. ZICO) – Wanna One – Triple Position

03. 영원+1 (Forever and A Day) (Prod. NELL) – Wanna One – Lean on Me

04. 모래시계 (Hourglass) (Prod. Heize) – Wanna One – The Heal

05. 11 (Prod. Dynamic Duo) – Wanna One – Number one


*To listen to the audio please look at the bottom screen and click play button, and to listen to the next track click next button. enjoy ~
**If you want to post it to your website, please credit to KMusicDL

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